Marilena Zamboura (b. Athens,1954) is a graduate of the Athens School of Fine Arts, where she studied under the supervision of Professor K.Grammatopoulos (1972-1977). She continued with her studies in the Ecole Superieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, under the supervision of ProfessoGili (1977-1978).
Her work has been presented in many group exhibitions, appears and is discussed in the press, magazines, art catalogues and in several publications.
Works of hers are found in Private , Municipal and State Collections .
Her work narrates stories of personal mythology and experience, in an
interactive path of past and present and an iconographic state
somewhere in between vividness and abstractiοn.
She is living in Athens.


1981 SYLLOGI Gallery, Athens
1983 SYLLOGI Gallery,Athens
1988 “Pallas Hotel” ATHENS GALLERY, Athens
1991 “Landscapes” ATHENS GALLERY, Athens
1993 “Die Jahreszeiten” Galerie AGATHE HENKEL, Berlin
1994 “One-two, one-two ,male and female” (with P.Goulakos) ATHENS GALLERY, Athens
” The drownings”DIE SPARKASSE IN BREMEN, Bremen
1995 ZINA ATHANASSIADOU Art Gallery, Thessaloniki
1996 “Zamboura-Davvetas, Davvetas-Zamboura”, Galerie AGATHE HENKEL ,Berlin-ATHENS GALLERY, Athens
1997 “The artist’s signature”, 24 GALLERY ,Athens
1999 “Narration of an age”, ATHENS GALLERY, Athens
ZINA ATHANASSIADOU Art Gallery, Thessaloniki
2001 “Les enfants terribles” ART GALLERY OF ZAKINTHOS
2002 “Angel- Carpet Dealer” , YENI MOSQUE -OLD ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM , (Municipality of Thessaloniki and Zina Athanassiadou Gallery) ,Thessaloniki
2004 Nafplion Art Space
2005 “One-two, one-two ,male and female” Ekfrassi Gallery(with P.Goulakos), Glyfada
2006 ZINA ATHANASSIADOU Art Gallery, Thessaloniki
2007  “Dimensions of private space and Aesop’s fables” Fryssiras Gallery, Athens
2008, Gaia Gallery, Piraias (with P.Goulakos)

2015 “Short Retrospectives”  Frissiras Museum, Athens (with P.Goulakos)


1985 Athens Visual Arts “, Annual Competition ,Eleftherias Parc Athens

1987 “Panhellenic Art Exhibition” , O.L.P.Piraeus Greece (org.Greek Ministry of Greece)*“Three Proposals about the Hotel of the Roses” Prisma Gallery, Hotel of the Roses,Rhodes Greece (org. J.Heraklidis)

1990-93 “In Progress“ ,a European Picture Cruise , Pumpe e.v.Kiel Deutschland Noord-Kunst Zuidlaren Niederlande ,Κuηstlerwerkstatt Lothringer Μunchen, Deutschland ,Stadtische Galerie Alte Feuerwache Mannheim Deutschland,Galerie Augen-Blick, Galerie Sud Galerie im Cafe Gunther Leipzig Deutschland, Centrum Beeldene Kunst Groningen Niederlande Kulturzentrum p.f.l. Oldenburg Deutschland,Stadtische Galerie im Buntentor Bremen Deutschland

1992 “The Baltic Way”, International Exhibition of watercolour painting, Riga USSR

1994 “The child in new Hellenic art”,  National Galery of Athens (cur.Α.Κοuria-Ε. Orati)
“The Greek Contemporary Art” ,(cur.H.Livas), Ferens Gallery, Hull England

1995 “Kera Phrossyni” ,Amymoni Gallery, Ioannina
“Art Athina 3” Zina Athanassiadou Art Gallery Athens
“Offering for ΕΙ Greco”, The National Gallery of Athens

1996 10+4 ,Aeschylia 96 , Elevsis Greece
“Hommage to P.Pantazis”, Averoff Museum of Modern Greek Art , Metsovo Greece (cur.O.Mentzafou-Polyzou)
“Arcos da Lapa” Aqueduct Arcos da Lapa of Rio de Janeiro Brazil (org.Phillip Mouillon -Laboratoire Sculpture Urbaine, Grenoble)

1997 “Face to face” , Cultural Center Sanat Markezi ,Istanbul Turkey
“ Hommage to N.G.Pentzikis” (cur.S.Papa) ,Zina Athanassiadou Art Gallery Thessaloniki Greece
“ Immoral Stοries” , 24 Gallery ,Athens Greece
“Foci of the gaze”, Contemporary art center of Larissa Greece (cur.A.Schina)
“Piraeus Street -Metamorphosis of an industry landscape” VIS factory Αthens(cur.I.Κritikοu-F.Νessi-Υazitzοglou)

1999 “Dimension of Space in painting” ,Neoria Chania Greece (cur.M.Manoussakis)
“Art Athina 7” , Zina Athanassiadou Art Gallery Athens
“EURΟ Cultural Mile” , Frankfurt Town ΗaΙΙ, Frankfurt am Main

2001 “Search for a face” ,The Jewish Museum of Greece, Athens (cur.N.Xidakis)

2002 “Young Greek Artists” (cur.L. Tsikouta) Averoff Museum of Modern Greek Art,Metsovo
“Turk-Yunan Dostluk Festivali” –Boscaada –Tenedos

2003 “Young Greek Artists” , (cur.L. Tsikouta) Averoff Museum of Modern Greek Art,Technochoros-Athens, MMCA Thessaloniki
“Ιn our Image after our Likeness”, (cur. M.Chalikia and E.Kaldeli ) ,Frissiras Museum , Athens
“Mickey Mouse” , ( cur.N.Ballaska) , Hellenic- American Union, Athens
“ Agonon Polis” , ( cur. A.Schina ). Technochoros-Municipality of Athens

2005 “Maria Polydouri” , (org. 24 Gallery and newspaper Eleftherotypia) 24 Gallery, Athens
“Exhibition of Contemporary Painting and Sculpture” G.Kostopoulos Collection ( cur. D. Pavlopoulos ) Byzantine Museum of Zakynthos
Fresh Ground – Fryssiras Gallery, Athens
“Vervreemdend Mens Beeld-Collectie” , Frissiras Museum + Frisia Museum, Spanbroek.

2006 «Anthropography 3» , Frissiras Museum , Athens
“Eclectic Affinities among European Artists” ,Frissiras Museum , Athens

2008 “Resist!” , cur. D.Iliopoulou-Rogan, org..Ε.Ε.UNICEF, Municipality of Athens
“A Museum’s Portrait” , Averoff Museum of Modern Greek Art, Benaki Museum
“Art Athina 9” ,Athanassiadou Art Gallery ,Athens
“The Power of Image”, cur. D.Iliopoulou-Rogan , Theocharakis Foundation , Athens

2010 “Co-sensation” , cur. D.Iliopoulou-Rogan, within the International Congress Group and Psycoanalysis, ASTRA Gallery, Athens
“ Us, small”, cur.M.Manoussakis, Primary School of Tinos

2011 “Opportunities without compromising”, Ekfrassi and Fizz Galleries, Athens
“Outside Reality” , Alma Gallery, Trikala

2012 “Face to face”, Frissiras Museum
“Privatbesitz” , ( Kunstsammlungen Bremer Künstlerinnen und Künstler), Städtische Galerie Bremen

2013  “The Naughty Children” Ekfrassi Gallery

“PAINTING II , 1980-2000”, Frissiras Museum

2014   “Invito”, cur.I.Terlidou,Art Center De Chirico,Volos

“The Fantastic in Art” cur.M. Arfaras, Municipal Gallery of Athens

2015 “15 Jahre Junge Kunst Bremen” cur.K.Vatsella, Die Sparkasse Bremen

2016   ” The Alpha Bank Collection ” cur. I. Orati, Municipal Gallery Rhodes, Greece

“The Alpha Bank Collection ” cur. I. Orati, Maria Marangou, Contemporary Art Centre, Rethymnon, Greece


“So Greek So Contemporary” cur. Marina Athanassiadou, Municipal art space Dimitrakopoulos Building, Parikia, Paros


“Adjacent Images” cur. Elissavet Sakareli,Fokionos Negri 16, Athens, Greece

” Soleil Noir ” cur. Demosthenes Davvetas, IESA Paris, France

“le rouge et le noire” Agatha-Kartalos


Alpha Bank Collection- Municipal Gallery Ioannina


” Lands of creation” cur. Lina Tsikouta E.AVEROF ART GALLERY METSOVO

“Paper” Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete


F. S. M. Üniversitesi- İstanbul

‘21 of friends – currator , M. Manousakis Alma Gallery, Athena’s

Greek Revolution , 200 years after- MCF Foundation- Ekfrassi totenham

Ekfrassi Gallery


From Privat…to Public – cur. L. Karapidaki ,Basilica of St. Mark, Heraklion Crete

“I. Kambanellis- The Tetraptych” cur. L. Karapidaki, Hellenic American Union